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Next Big Thing Is…

Posted On 2 March 2014 BY Filed Under General

[1] Archeologists estimate that modern humans have been on the Earth for about 200,000 years. Since then we have been experiencing the universe a routine like day/night, same four seasons in a year, birth-childhood-youth-reproduction-retirement-death. We have accepted it as a cycle repeating over and over. Even we do see our lives as a single fact, but in reality it is composed of countless repeating identical cycles in terms of micro scoping view. Matter or waves are made of series of micro scoping particles or chunk of energy. Similarly time is composed of series of micro scoping delays. The delay is ...

Motor Control EMI: AC Mains Conducted Emission

Posted On 21 October 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Design

We do not want our product to come back from testing to find that we have failed electromagnetic interference (EMI) or conducted emissions (CE) exams. Furthermore, we do not want these noise sources to degrade our products performance, so we need to understand the mechanisms of this noise and how to minimize it. One of the most common failures is, AC mains conducted emission testing which is listed as IEC 61326-1:2005, Ed. 1 section 7 (CiSPR11:2003). The purpose of the conducted emissions test is to measure noise currents that exit the products ac power cord to be sure the currents ...

Do-nuts plus Engineers = Success

Posted On 23 August 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Design

It was a typical Friday afternoon as everyone was rushing to finish their work load to get home early. As the day came to a close, my inbox alert pops up showing a meeting invite for early Monday morning from our Project Manager. Out of curiosity of the details contained within, I read the E-mail that was sent to all the Project Team members. It read, “If you like donuts, attend the meeting.” [1] Unfortunately, I don’t like donuts, but a certain anxiety came over me in wanting to know, what could the topic of discussion be? I could only think ...

A piece of wire and a diode can reduce huge cost

Posted On 24 June 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Design

Today we will discuss one very useful trick to improve and reduce the overall cost and reliability of a popular unit in the motor control industry. As we all know, as depicted in figure -1, a standard topology of a fractional motor controllers electronics consists of, 1-ϕ AC input, step-down transformer, bridge rectifier and linear regulators to supply the drivers and micro-controller. [1] Normally bus voltage is in the range of 40VDC of delivery current at 5A to 15A. I have seen this standard implementation in almost 80% of motor drives I’ve come across. There is nothing wrong with this configuration ...

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